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Session on “Need of Physical activity ”

22 Jul 2019

Session on “Need of Physical activity ” by Mr.Haneefa,HOD,Dept.of physical
education,MES college,marampally.
Physical activity or exercise can improve health and reduce the risk of developing several
diseases. MES AIMAT as a part of Monsoon Management Fest 2019 has organized a
session on “Need of Physical activity” handled by Mr.Haneefa,HOD,Dept.of physical
education,MES college,marampally.He mentioned that Physical activity and exercise can
have immediate and long-term health benefits. Regular activity can improve quality of
life. And a healthier state of mind .He also added that to maintain health and reduce your
risk of health problems, health professionals and researchers recommend a minimum of 30
minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity on most, preferably all, days.


Kerala Blockchain Academy Innovation Club (KBAIC) Inauguration and One Day Workshop on Blockchain

19 Jul 2019

Kerala Blockchain Academy Innovation Club (KBAIC) is a novel initiative by Kerala Blockchain Academy (KBA) to help students from academic institutions across the country to explore deep into the potential of the blockchain technology. KBAIC provides an opportunity to work closely with experts and experiment the latest advancements in this domain. The official inauguration of MES AIMAT KBA Innovation club and one day workshop on Blockchain of is scheduled on July 19th 2019. The topics expected to be covered in the workshop are as follows:

  • Blockchain - The Disruptive Technology
  • Bitcoin and History of Blockchain.
  • Types of Blockchain: Public, Permissioned Consortium
  • Potential Disruptions with Blockchain.
  • Future Job Aspects.
  • Experimenting with Blockchain Tools and IDE’s - Remix and Metamask


“ Block chain workshop”

19 Jul 2019

Block Chain has recently emerged as a disruptive Technology that may revolutionaries the world economy and our societies with key applications in key industries including Finance,Insurance,energy ,healthcare and logistics. .On behalf MES AIMAT has organised a workshop on “Block chain” as a part of Monsoon Management Fest 2019.The objective of this workshop is to explore the current state of the art of block chain and its related challenges and discusses new ideas and innovations to design sailable and robust block chain solutions that are technologically.economicaly and logically viable.

The programme was welcomed by Dr.P.A Habeeb Rahman (Director of MES AIMAT)and students co-ordinator Mr.Vinu Williams along with Miss Farzana P.S
(First Semester MBA) proposed the vote of thanks.



18 Jul 2019

ISTD student chapters, an initiative of ISTD, Kochi aims to involve students in the main stream -Industrial, Business, Commercial and other Corporate activities. Being part of ISTD, the students can take part in all programmes organised by ISTD Kochi, which includes workshops, industrial visits, lectures and so on... This is a great opportunity for the students to have a networking with the corporates and their leadership. We encourage students to plan and organise programmes and we are proud of our students' chapters for their initiatives and enthusiasm. Students are the greatest asset and the backbone of a nation. There is a greater need for students to equip themselves and build the future of the country “In the changing world scenario”. Further, there is now an overwhelming need for skilled and employable human resource. India is relatively young as a nation with around 28 million youth population being added every year. More than 50 per cent of its population is below the age of 25 and more than 65 per cent are aged below 35. As President Pranab Mukherjee said in a recently organised event in Kolkata, "We often boast about India's demographic dividend. But the question that arises is what we do with this if we cannot skill them, if we cannot educate them and cannot enhance their employability." With the above objective, ISTD Kochi, started Student Chapters In MES AIMAT


Session by "Zakkariya.K.A,Director,DDUKK"

18 Jul 2019

Session on “How to develop self motivation among students” by Dr.
Psychologists believe that people are either motivated intrinsically or extrinsically to do
something or accomplish a task..MES AIMAT as a part of Monsoon Management Fest
2019 has organized a session on “How to develop self motivation among students”
handled Dr.Zakkariya.K.A,Director,DDUKK. In this Session He explained the major
difference between Extrinsic Motivation and Intrinsic Motivation .He is also added
Effects of Motivation on Learning Styles. Deep learners respond well to the challenge of
mastering a difficult and complex subject. Strategic learners are motivated primarily by
rewards. They react well to competition and the opportunity to best others. Surface
learners are often motivated by a desire to avoid failure

The programme was welcomed by Dr.P.A.Habeeb Rahman and student co-ordinator
Mr.Vinu Williams along with Miss Fathima Nizar(First Semester MBA) proposed the vote
of thanks.


Session on “Disaster Management ” by Mr.Shabeer.A.M,Executive Director,CIAL

17 Jul 2019

Disaster management being a key part of emergency management encompasses wide
range activities. Emergency management programme are developed and implemented
through the analysis and information. MES AIMAT as a part of Monsoon Management
Fest 2019 has organized a session on “Disaster MAnagement” handled by
Mr.Shabeer.A.M,Executive Director,CIAL..He explained in detail how Kochi airport
authorities were hard pressed into service since August 9 when flight services were
suspended for nearly two hours due to the rising water levels of Periyar River, which flows
close to the runway. The arrival operations were stopped as a precautionary measure. The
solar panels, which powers CIAL and has a generation capacity of 30 Megawatts, too, took
a beating. But by September 2, around 21 MW was restored.The CIAL team received
infrastructure support from Bengaluru and Erode.Out of the 3,000 surveillance cameras,
1,000 cameras have been restored.Inside the terminal, 22 X-ray machines, all furniture at
the domestic terminal and four conveyor belts were damaged. After the Directorate
General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) certified, CIAL was ready to open on August 26,2018.
On August 29, all operations resumed in full swing, with the runway wearing a fresh look.
The programme was welcomed by Dr.P.A.Habeeb Rahman and student co-ordinator
Mr.Vinu Williams along with Miss Fathima Nizar(First Semester MBA) proposed the vote
of thanks.


Building the Foundation of Industry 4.0

15 Jul 2019

With the advent of 4th Industrial Revolution, there is going to be a paradigm shift in how we do business. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, 3D Printing and Internet of Things are revolutionising our everyday life The factory system, as we see today will soon be wiped out and most of the jobs of repetitive nature will be taken over by machines. These phenomena provide a challenge as well as a threat. While many jobs will be created in areas where creativity and cognitive thoughts are required, many jobs of repetitive nature will be lost. While developed world can easily shift to the new system, it will be a herculean task for a developing country like India with a huge population. While looking at creating large scale employment, India cannot ignore the latest happenings and will be forced to shift to the new and emerging technologies. MES AIMAT is organizing a series of programs on Industry 4.0. First amount these, a talk on Building the Foundation of Industry 4.0 is organized on July 15th 2019 at MES AIMAT. This talk focuses on how India can do the balancing act and what we should do to reap benefits of the emerging new opportunities. The resource person for this program is Dr. Manoj, Senior Knowledge officer ICT Academy Kerala.



12 Jul 2019

Institute and industry both play a vital role for the development of the country’s economy. The
objective is to reduce the gap between industry expectations (practice) and academic offerings
(theory) by direct involvement of industry to attain a symbiosis. To fine-tune the academic
delivery to ever changing requirements of the industry, knowledge sharing and catalyzing joint
activities between the two are essential. Based on this, MES- AIMAT is going to conduct an
Industry Institute Interaction Conclave on 12/07/2019. Heads of industries from various fields
are going to participate in this conclave. Active industry Institute Interaction fetch with more
marks for NBA Accreditation.


09 Jul 2019

Session on “Happy Classroom” by Dr.K.K.Jayan,Former GM,Cochin Refineries
Happiness in the Classroom enhance the learning experience of students.MES
AIMAT as a part of Monsoon Management Fest 2019 has organized a session on
“Happy Classroom” handled by Dr.K.K.Jayan,Former GM,Cochin Refineries. In
this session he explained how to encourage positive attitude in students towards
learning. He gave certain tips like set an example, create a learning atmosphere,
eliminate negativity and encourage students etc.He also added that by taking
learning outside the classroom and by involving movements can create a positive
attitude in students towards learning.


Youth Red Cross Orientation Program

08 Jul 2019

Youth Red Cross is the part of the Indian Red Cross Society. The Orientation for Youth Red Cross for the year 2019-20 will held on July 8th 2019 in the college Seminar Hall at 3.15pm. Mr. Shabeer Hon. President and Mr. Bijoy Secretary of INDIAN RED CROSS SOCIETY, Ernakulam  Branch, will be  the chief dignitary of the day