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Jibin N

Assistant Professor


Education Qualification

MCA, M Tech in Computer Science and Engineering


4 years


1."Life Long Learning : Practice and Evolution"-International Conference on Human Resource Development, organized by DDU Kaushal Kendra,Cochin University of Science and Technology September 2016.

2."Relevance of WEBGIS in Micro level Planning - A Case Study of Attappady Tribal Block in Kerala"-Geo-Informatic Applications in National Resource Management "-Published NIRD, March 2016, ISBN-978-93-85506-06-2

3. “Securing Wireless Networks through Quantum Cryptography”- Journal of Management and Science Special Issue on security & key management issues in wireless networks” September 2013. ISSN 2249-1260

4. “Reliable and Secure Distributed storage services in cloud computing ”-Proceedings of National Level Conference on National Conference on Innovation and Research in Engineering and Technology-NCIRET-2013

5.“A Perfectly Secure Cloud through Quantum Computing ”-Proceedings of National Level Conference on National Conference National Conference Organized by the PRIST University on 12th October 2012 in association with G-STIP



1. Classical Management Information Systems

    Authors: Jibin N & Sreekanth D

    ISBN: 978-93-5067-6158

    Year of Publication: 2012

    Published By: Mudra Publications

Classical Management Information Systems covers the basic concepts of management and the various inter linked concepts of information technology, which are generally considered to be essential components for prudent and reasonable business decisions.