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The MBA program requires 34 credit courses, which is four semesters of full-time instruction. There is additional organization study and summer placement requirement. The successful students in the program are expected to demonstrate the following: 

  1. A thorough and integrated knowledge of the basic tools, concepts, and theories relating to professional management;
  2. Behavioral and analytical skills necessary to deal creatively and effectively with organizations and management problems;
  3. An understanding of the economic, political, technological, and social environments in which organizations operate;
  4. A sense of professional and personal integrity and social responsibility in the conduct of managerial affairs both internal and external to the organization.

  1. A graduation or equivalent in any discipline with at least fifty per cent marks or equivalent grade point for General category.
  2. A valid score in any recognized Management Aptitude Test (AICTE-CMAT, K-MAT etc.)
  3. Good quantitative and communication skills
  4. Final Year students are eligible to apply

The required curriculum is intended towards providing the participants with a well rounded knowledge set required for understanding and analyzing business situations. The courses offered under required curriculum are intended to provide a general management perspective and to build a foundation for management knowledge. This technical knowledge will help you structure the problem and find various alternatives. This information acquisition in itself does not help you achieve that leadership role. This is inadequacy in compensated by imparting training sessions which motivate you to question the academic inputs you have gathered. This will help you to arrive at alternatives to solve the practical problems that you may encounter in a working environment.


Semester 1 General Management Perspective

CC01 Principles of Management
CC02 Managerial Communication
CC03 Managerial Economics
CC04 Accounting for Management
CC05 Quantitative Methods for Management
CC06 Legal Environment of Business
CC07 Computer Application in Business
CC08 Organisational Behavior
Semester 2 Management Foundation

CC09 Financial Management
CC10 Marketing Management
CC11 Human Resource Management
CC12 Operations Management
CC13 Environment Management
CC14 Operations Research
CC15 Research Methodology
CC16 Management Information Systems
CC17 Viva-Voce



Semester 3 General Management Perspective

CC18 International Business 
Business Ethics & Corporate
CC19 Governance
EC 1 ELECTIVE 1 (Major Specialization)
EC 2 ELECTIVE 2 (Major Specialization)
EC 3 ELECTIVE 3 (Major Specialization)
EC 4 ELECTIVE 4 (Major Specialization)
EC 5 ELECTIVE 5 (Minor Specialization)
EC 6 ELECTIVE 6 (Minor Specialization)
CC 20 Organization Study 

Semester 4 Management Foundation

CC21 Strategic Management 40 60 100
EC 1 ELECTIVE 7 (Major Specialization) 40 60 100
EC 2 ELECTIVE 8 (Major Specialization) 40 60 100
EC 3 ELECTIVE 9 (Minor Specialization) 40 60 100
CC22 Project & Comprehensive Viva Voce

Elective curriculum
Depending on your interests and prior preparations you are able to choose from a wide variety of choices in terms of elective courses offered. You could choose an area of concentration from the functional areas of management and back it up with a minor area.
Elective Course List

Marketing Management Electives Financial Management Electives
MM 01 - Agri Business And Rural Marketing
MM 02 - Business To Business Marketing
MM 03 - Consumer Behaviour
MM 04 - Digital Marketing
MM 05 - Integrated Marketing Communication
MM 06 - Marketing Research
MM 07 - Product And Brand Management
MM 08 - Retail Business Management
MM 09 - Sales And Distribution Management
MM 10 - Services Marketing FM 01 - Bank Management
FM 02 - Financial Derivatives And Risk Management
FM 03 - Insurance Services
FM 04 - International Financial Management
FM 05 - Management Of Financial Services
FM 06 - Management Accounting And Cotrol Systems
FM 07 - Project Management
FM 08 - Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
FM 09 - Tax Management
FM 10 - Working Capital Management

Human Resource Management Electives Information System Electives

HRM 01 - Compensation Management
HRM 02 - Counselling Skills For Managers
HRM 03 - Human Resource Planning
HRM 04 - Industrial Relations
HRM 05 - Managing Of Interpersonal And Group Process
HRM 06 - Managing Organizational Change And Development
HRM 07 - Performance Management
HRM 08 - Human Resource Information Systems
HRM 09 - Strategic Human Resource Management
HRM 10 - Training And Development 

IS 01 - System Analysis & Design
IS 02 - Electronic Commerce & Internet Marketing
IS 03 - Enterprise Resource Planning
IS 04 - Business Process Reengineering
IS 05 - Software Quality Management
IS 06 - Multimedia Management
IS 07 - Management Support System
IS 08 - Software Project Management
IS 09 - Database Management System
IS 10 - Planning And Implementing It Strategies

Production And Operations Management Electives
International Business Electives

POM 01 - Supply Chain And Logistics Management
POM02 - Total Quality Management
POM 03 - Advanced Maintenance Management
POM 04 - Lean Manufacturing
POM 05 - Integrated Materials Management
POM 06 - Productivity Management
POM 07 - Operations Strategy
POM 08 - Technology Management
POM 09 - Service Operations Management
POM 10 - Occupational Hazards And Industrial Safety 
IB 01 - INIB 02 - International Financial Systemternational Economics
IB 03 - International Marketing
IB 04 - International Trade Policies And Procedures
IB 05 - Global Sourcing And Business Development
IB 06 - International Human Resource Management
IB 07 - International Economic Organisations
IB 08 - International Logistics Management
IB09 - International Consumer And Industrial Buyer Behaviour
IB 10 - International Business Negotiations

A sum of Rs 20,000 in the form of partial-fee waiver Limited in number awarded on first-come-first served basis


  1. Minimum 70% marks or equivalent for under graduate degree
  2. Consistently high academic performance

Q:What is the profile expected for admission?
A: The profile we are looking for is a creative mind-set backed by numeric ability and literacy. So we do not place excessive emphasis on the undergraduate results, test score or work experience, but a balanced mix of all these factors.

Q:Can I make up my deficiencies to enter the program?
A: We are committed to supporting potential candidates by supporting them to overcome deficiencies, be it communication, quantitative ability or whatever.

Q:What is the typical day of an MBA student?
A: What we expect is hard work and there is no compromise on that. All courses will have assignments and submissions. You move from deadlines to deadlines and you will learn to organize recreation, social and community activities in the midst of that. Regular attendance is a must.

Q: What type of computer I need for the program?
A: There are no institutional specifications. However, good personal computing devices could be useful. The campus has sufficient computing facilities.